Look After Your Dog!


Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.
~ Stephen Richards

Projections and illusions are big themes with The Moon card. In the image below you see the crab (repressed emotional material) crawling out of the water. Guarding the lunar globe, we see two dogs.  Read More

Defeat is Optional


Our tarotized quote today is inspired by the 5 of Wands from the Thelema Tarot (UK Amazon affiliate link). We have just entered the month of Leo and this card corresponds with Saturn in Leo, highlighting any limitations imposed from within or without. In Leo those limitations are about confidence levels, playfulness, romance, children, taking centre stage and generosity.  Read More

To Curse Another…


To curse another person is to curse yourself.

Oh boy, am I’m feeling this Knight today! He’s not my birthday courtier for nothing (third decan Capricorn). One of the things that flitted past in my FB feed this morning really rubbed me the wrong way. The Tarot is a sacred tool for personal and spiritual development and it can be used for magic when it is for the Highest Good. Read More