You Can’t Fake Passion


Many of the Tarot readings I do are about romantic relationships. I feel that the title of this post which is a quote by Barbara Corcoran is a truth that if only my clients would understand it, my workload would be cut in half – and I would be fine with that because it would make room for healthier questions to read on than ‘Does he love me?’ or ‘Will he come back?’ Read More

Say Goodbye to the Old You


“I saw my earlier selves as different people, acquaintances I had outgrown. I wondered how I could ever have been some of them.”
― Roger Zelazny

The card for today’s tarotized quote happens to be the card corresponding with Monday’s second decan Full Moon in Aquarius. This lunation also brings a lunar eclipse – a good time for a complete emotional reboot and letting go of the past, in other words. Read More

Turning Mud into Gold


“If you have strength of character, you can use that as fuel to not only be a survivor but to transcend simply being a survivor, use an internal alchemy to turn something rotten and horrible into gold.”
― Zeena Schreck

My story reads differently to what you might expect if you meet me where I’m at in my life now. Age 47, I’m happily married and enjoying a career I love. I live in a beautiful part of the country and find myself surrounded by loving family members. Best of all, I’m finally starting to feel safe… You see, I come from a broken home and a childhood that contained elements of abandonment, as well as both physical and psychological abuse. Read More



“Professionalism is not about adherence to the policies of a bureaucracy. Professionalism is about having the integrity, honesty, and sincere regard for the personhood of the customer, in the context of always doing what is best for the business. Those two things do not need to be in conflict.”
— Eric Lippert Read More

The Law of Return


During my long years of occult and metaphysical studies, I have been fortunate enough to be mostly surrounded by people who believe in the Three-fold Law. This represents a belief in karmic repercussions for everything we do x 3. If you do good, it will return to you in multiples of the same. Equally for the bad you do. Read More